Tips & Tricks: Set Phone to Ring, Vibrate, Flash LED – Part 2

BlackBerry Pearl 8130 Tips and Tricks - Ring, Vibrate, Flashing LEDBlackBerry Pearl 8130 Tips and Tricks - Ring, Vibrate, LED

In Part 1 of this 3-part tutorial, we learned the most basic ring settings (ring/vibrate, default and personalized ringtones, unique tone for text messages). In Part 2, we’ll learn the more elaborate settings normally found only on smartphones:

  • Notification of messages (email, PIN, browser push), Calendar events, and Task to-do items
  • Notification signal types and meanings
  • Standard notification profiles


Simpler mobile phones do calls and text messaging. But smartphones like the BlackBerry offer more means of messaging and even personal tools much like a PDA or full computer. So, the term “ringing” doesn’t quite fit all the reasons a smartphone needs to get your attention. Hence, the term “notification.” And since “ringing” or “notification” can be quite disruptive or annoying in group settings, one needs different “profiles” of notification for the various situations we find ourselves in.

Notification–Beyond Phone Calls and Text Messages

As shown in the screenshots below, a Profile can be set to notify you of a number of occurrences. Most are communication-related but some are related to the BlackBerry personal tools.













Let’s define each of the twelve notification types shown above:

  • Browser: This harkens back to an older technology that mostly flopped, called browser “push technology.” One of the few ways you might get a browser push message is if you subscribed to a weather alert, stock quotes, or breaking news. [For example, surf on your phone to > Applications > Weather & Travel/Weather Push.]
  • Calendar: The BlackBerry Calendar lets you ask for reminders of events on your calendar.
  • Gmail – New Mail: This doesn’t normally appear on your phone. I downloaded and installed the Gmail application for BlackBerry on my phone. What is noteworthy about this is that you may install an application that takes advantage of your BlackBerry’s ability to notify you when something significant happens.
  • Level 1 Messages: There is a way to automatically examine email messages and determine if the sender or subject is “high priority” (Level 1) so that it can be announced with greater urgency. This topic is covered in Part 3 of the tutorial series.
  • Messages[]: New messages received on one of the email accounts you registered to have pushed to your BlackBerry. You may have multiple of these if you register multiple email accounts.
  • Messenger – Alert: The BlackBerry Messenger uses your phone’s PIN as its address for allowing you to invite, or receive invitations from, others to hold a text conversation. You can also “ping” a contact or transfer a file to their phone using Messenger. You can ask Messenger to alert your when a registered contact becomes available for a conversation. BlackBerry Messenger is similar to, but not the same as, instant messaging (IM), SMS text messages, or MMS multimedia messages. It only works between BlackBerrys.
  • Messenger – New Message: This is a message received by the BlackBerry Messenger.
  • MMS: This is a message that can include text, picture, video, or sound.
  • Phone: This is a phone call.
  • SMS Text: This is a text message (160-character limit).
  • Tasks: The BlackBerry Task application lets you ask for reminders of tasks you scheduled on your To-Do list.

Ways Your Phone Can Notify You

Your phone has three ways to notify you or get your attention: sound, vibration, and light (LED*). (There are also icons, but that’s not covered here.) Below are descriptions of these notification types and their purposes:

RING Tone: Call or message received; event or task reminder
VIBRATE Vibration: Call or message received; event or task reminder
Green Green (flashing): Phone is in wireless coverage area**Green (solid): Phone is off and charging
Red Red (flashing): Call or message received; event or task reminder
Red (solid): Phone error (or if briefly solid red, phone is resetting)
Blue Blue (flashing): Bluetooth is active
Amber Amber (flashing): Battery is low

* The BlackBerry Pearl 8130 Smartphone User Guide claims the four LED colors are used for other purposes, too, but I have no evidence this is correct.

** Many BlackBerry owners feel like the green flashing LED to indicate wireless coverage is an unnecessary waste of battery charge and elect to disable this. This is disabled by doing Options > Screen/Keyboard > LED Coverage Indicator = Off.

Notification Profiles–Standard

Let’s look at the standard notification profiles and how they are initially set (before you tinker with them):

LOUD Loud: Uses high volume tones, and uses tone and vibration in- and out-of-holster
NORMAL Normal: Uses medium volume tones, and uses tones only out-of-holster
VIBRATE Vibrate: Mutes volume and uses vibration only in- and out-of-holster
PHONEONLY Phone Only: Out-of-holster uses medium volume tones for phone calls only, for everything else it only flashes LED; in-holster, mutes volume for tones but uses vibration and flashing LED for non-calls.
OFF Off: There are no settings for this profile–all notification is shut off.


So we’ve moved beyond the basics and learned about all the reasons and ways your phone can notify you of important events. And we’ve learned the standard profiles of notification that cover most of the scenarios you would find yourself in. In Part 3 we’ll cover the remaining and most advanced notification features.

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DRK says:
May 27, 2008 - 02:05:47

I really wish they would build in a recurring audible alert for missed calls. I use the “blackberry alerts” application, which does the job, but seems like a good feature to get built in.

May 27, 2008 - 05:05:22

That’s why BlackBerry Alerts is so popular. It makes up for a shortcoming in the notification features.

Shamika says:
May 27, 2008 - 06:05:58


Where do I find Blackberry Alerts? I would like to be notified when I have a new message, email, missed call, etc. other than the flashing lights. I’m confused be them all.

I just niticed that my phone is flashing a blue light all the time, but my bluetooth is not currently active. I checked and my LED coverage indicator is already off.


Shamika says:
May 27, 2008 - 06:05:48

I take taht back, my bluetooth IS currently active. But I do hate that flashing blue light, especially at night.

May 27, 2008 - 08:05:07

Your other questions I answered on the page where you left the question.

My articles on Ring/Vibrate/LED explain how you can use ringtones or vibrations to alert you to messages. You might want to re-read those articles to figure it out.

But if you really want the flexibility of BlackBerry Alerts, find it here:

However, I’d learn everything you can do with built-in features of your BlackBerry before you resort to using BlackBerry Alerts. You may find you don’t really need it.

Concerning Bluetooth, you really need to do this: On the Home Screen, open the Bluetooth icon. Press the Menu key and select Disable Bluetooth. Not only will that stop the blue flashing light, but it will save battery charge. If you always have Bluetooth enabled, that may be why your battery is discharging so quickly. Only enable Bluetooth while you’re using a Bluetooth headpiece or similar device. Then disable it when you’re done.

Let me know how things work out.

Mark Kicklighter says:
May 27, 2008 - 10:05:33

I would like to have, in vibrate profile, to have an option to not vibrate each time a message is received. In normal profile, there is a mute, but not in vibrate. any way around this? I just got my 8130 last week.

May 28, 2008 - 10:05:52

I’m assuming you want phone calls to vibrate but not messages. In the Vibrate profile, go through each of the message types (various email accounts, SMS text, MMS, etc.) and set the Out-of- and In-Holster settings to be “None” instead of Vibrate or anything else. Just make sure for Phone you leave it on Vibrate.

Or, what I’d probably do, is create a custom profile named “Phone Only Vibrate” and set it up the way I just described.

I hope I understood what you’re wanting to do.

Mark Kicklighter says:
May 28, 2008 - 01:05:22

Thanks, sounds like exactly what I want to do.

Peter Strahan says:
May 30, 2008 - 11:05:57

I have been unable to get any audio or vibration alerts for email and calendar notifications. I’ve tried editing the profiles, but it never seems to work for me. It doesn’t matter which profile I try to use. I’ve tried normal and high and not a peep.

I really want an audible alert when I have an appointment in my calendar.

Is there anyway to do it?

May 30, 2008 - 01:05:10

Can you get sounds to come out at all, by playing ringtones using your Media Player? First, make that’s OK, or messing with Profiles is a waste of time.

I’d start with the Loud profile. Go into the edit mode for that profile. Your screen will show 10-12 reasons for notification: Calendar, email, phone, etc. Make sure you go through each of those (at least calendar, email, phone, and SMS), and make sure you have Tone or Vibrate+Tone set for both in- and out-of-holster. Make sure Volume is high. Make sure the ringtone chosen is one that you have tested in the Media Player so you know it should be heard. At the very bottom of the Phone screen, make sure you don’t have Do Not Disturb set to On.

If you know about the “Use Active Profile Except For: Important Calls” setting, make sure that’s not selected unless you really understand what that’s about.

Select the Loud profile for the next step.

Have someone call your BlackBerry and see if it rings. Email yourself or have someone email you and see if it rings (or makes a tone). Repeat for text, etc.

Whatever the outcome, please let me know what happened. Your phone is half useless if you can’t hear when someone is calling or messaging you!

NickS says:
Jun 1, 2008 - 04:06:28

Hi there! I stumbled across your website since I just got my Verizon Pearl 8130 yesterday and I’m finding a wealth of info :) Thanks so much for the website.

I have a quick question. I like to keep my phone on at night, but just turn off the ringer, so if someone calls, I can still tell/see who called even if they don’t leave a voicemail. Previously, I have a Motorola Razr v3c.

So, last night, I wanted to charge the initial battery to full for the first time and found that the wall charger will only charge if the phone is turned off and then I see the flashing green LED and eventually solid green LED when the phone is fully charged.

Is there a way to leave the 8130 powered on (or at least hibernate or something, allowing calls to come in muted) and still wall charge?


Jun 1, 2008 - 06:06:47

My wall charger charges all the time whether the phone is on or off. Either your wall charger is different or you’re mistaken. I think you might be misinterpreting the green LED. When the green LED is flashing, it means that you’re in an area of good cell phone coverage. I agree it can be a bit confusing.

If I understand what you’re wanting to do, use the Quiet profile at night but remember to change it to Normal or Loud or other when you get up.

Personally, I use the Auto On/Off to have my phone turn off during most of the hours I’m sleeping then turn back on just before I wake up. That way, I get my beauty sleep and still see any missed calls, voicemails, or messages that might have happened during the night.

Let me know if you can’t find something that works for you.

Blake says:
Jun 2, 2008 - 03:06:53

Hi! Great tut, very helpful. Question: the custom ring tone I have set works well enough, but it isn’t very loud. I vaguely remember stumbling across an option to change it, but I cannot for the life of me remember. Any help?

Blake says:
Jun 2, 2008 - 03:06:23

Oh wait, I found it. :) Another question though: can I change the color of the clock font from black to white?

Jun 2, 2008 - 06:06:34

Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Do you mean you want to change the color of the date/time on the Home Screen? If so, I think that’s more about the Theme you pick. I don’t know any other way to change that. If I can guess the problem you’re dealing with, you may have a wallpaper that is about the same color as the text, so the text can’t be seen clearly. I’ve had that problem and just had to change the wallpaper.

Blake says:
Jun 3, 2008 - 09:06:09

Yea, I was afraid of that, but then I found that wonderful bphone theme. It’s perfect! Thanks for all of your help!

Brittany says:
Jun 7, 2008 - 11:06:50

I just got my blackberry pearl 8139 and I am just learning how to use it. I have the profile set on LOUD and my ringtone is audible when i listen to it, but when someone calls me I can barely hear it. The volume is all the way up and like i said the profile is on loud. I don’t know what else to doooooo!!!! HELLLP! :-)

Brittany says:
Jun 7, 2008 - 11:06:16

oops did not mean to put 8139 SORRY! 8130 :-)

Brittany says:
Jun 7, 2008 - 12:06:51

nevermind, I found it thanks!

Jun 7, 2008 - 12:06:46

That was quick work on your part. BTW–I’m experimenting with a way to get a louder ring but I’m not sure if it will work out. Should know in a few days at most. So, try to return and check on my progress.

Jun 9, 2008 - 12:06:38


Fabulous service you are providing to those of us out here in “crack”berry wilderness. I have a really simple (I think) but nagging problem.

I took the phone out of the holster this afternoon and found the notification that the phone was in standby mode and that to exit standby mode and use the phone, I needed to press the “mute” key.

Kelly…which key (or key combination) is the mute key????

After pressing everything I could find, I finally had to reset the phone.

Don’t laugh!!


Jun 9, 2008 - 07:06:05

Barbados PR Pro,
The mute or standby key is in the strangest place: on the top edge of the phone. I suppose that was about the last place left where a key would fit.

I’m not laughing. I’m glad you asked.

P.S.–I see you know the trick: when in doubt, reboot!

Bobbie says:
Jun 17, 2008 - 10:06:49


Not sure if this is the right place for this question but I wonder if you or any of your readers can answer my question. I downloaded some ringtones today from a web site. They came via sms and downloaded fine. However they downloaded as a file with the name of the file as a series of long numbers. That is how they look in my ringtones in my media file. Does anyone know of a way to change the file from a set of numbers to a name (ie the name of the song) because they downloaded straight to my phone…not on my computer. Thanks if anyone knows of a way to do this!

Jun 17, 2008 - 10:06:32

Do Media > (press Menu key) > Explore. Search through the folders you see to find where the ringtone got downloaded to. Once you find it, you should be able to highlight it, press Menu key, and rename it. Let me know how that works.

Shawn says:
Jun 23, 2008 - 02:06:37

Does anyone know how long the LED notification “lasts”? Say you get an email or sms and it starts blinking red. If I don’t wake the phone up to see the email or sms, the LED stops after a period of time . Is there any way to get it to blink “forever” if the device is left unattended?

Jun 23, 2008 - 09:06:41

I don’t know the answer to that question. I’ve never noticed my LED stop flashing before I checked my messages. It might but I didn’t notice.

I don’t know of any way to change how that works.

Ross says:
Jul 1, 2008 - 01:07:46

Just got my 8130. The problem I’m having is with custom ringtones, I downloaded a couple to the phone and was able to figure out how to use them, but when someone calls with a custom tone set, the screen goes black while its ringing so that I can’t tell who is calling, it’s really a pain and doesn’t happen with the ringtones in the phone already. Using .wav files for the custom ringtones.

Please help!! Thanks

Jul 1, 2008 - 08:07:38

Try converting your .wav to .mp3. You can do it online free (but with annoying audio ads) at I just converted a 460k .wav ringtone to an 84k .mp3 file on that site. Works fine.

If it’s not the ringtone, I’d suspect your battery. A screen going dark when you’re pulling extra current to play a ringtone might indicate a weak battery. Especially if you’ve seen other hints of a weak battery, I’d go online and order a replacement. They are not that expensive if you shop around.

Please let me know how it works out.

Ross says:
Jul 2, 2008 - 02:07:52

worked perfectly, thanks for the help, apparently the blackberry doesn’t like the .wmv files, the .mp3 worked fine. (and I convert the songs, or any portion of the songs, in itunes, works really nicely)

Jul 2, 2008 - 05:07:47

Thanks for letting me know that worked. I don’t understand it, but it’s good know in case someone else asks.

sam says:
Jul 2, 2008 - 11:07:30

Is thier any way to have what I have put down on the calendar show up on the home screen so i dont have to go into the calendar to look to see what i have for the day?

Jul 3, 2008 - 10:07:41

There are many themes with a subtitle of “Today” that give you on the Home Screen a summary of today’s stuff. See if you don’t already have one of those themes installed. If not, go shopping for one.

mike says:
Jul 12, 2008 - 12:07:33

On my BB Pearl 8130 I no longer have any audio sounds with an incoming call. Only get two vibes. Also my audio dialing does not work. Everyothing worked fine prior to me enabling by bluetooth device.

Any recommendations?


Jul 12, 2008 - 07:07:53

I guess you tried disabling your BT device.

Maybe your earpiece volume is turned too far down. But you seem to mean the external speaker volume is off, not the earpiece.

Try a battery pull (remove, wait, replace, wait).

Let me know what happens.

Amber says:
Jul 16, 2008 - 08:07:14

Hello. My question: I just got my blackberry 8130 and I set up custom ringtones, but everytime someone calls it plays a notification sound, and then the ringtone. How do I turn the notification sound off?

Jul 16, 2008 - 09:07:39

I’ve never heard of that problem. Here are some suggestions:

1. Just in case the phone got goofy and needs a reset, pull the battery, wait, replace it, wait. See if the problem goes away.
2. If not, choose a different ringtone and see if that makes a difference. I have a farfetched idea that maybe there is some file corruption that has somehow caused the notification tone and ringtone to be joined. Probably not, but it’s a thought.
3. If problem still there, pick a contact who can help you troubleshoot this. Delete his/her custom ringtone. Restore the ringtone. See if the problem still exists.

Please let me know if anything helped or not. I’d love to get to the bottom of this wierd problem.

Jasmina says:
Sep 22, 2008 - 09:09:05

Hello, I have the 8130 and I have never seen a voicemail icon on the phone. I occasionally – but not always – get a SMS when I have new voicemail, but have had many VMs go by unnoticed for days for lack of notification. I would actually prefer to have just an icon on the screen and no SMS… but I’d settle for both. I checked Phone Options -> Voicemail and my number is listed as the access number. Another blog mentioned checking the theme, though I’m not sure what/how to look for.

Elaine says:
Sep 24, 2008 - 08:09:48

How do I adjust the volume of the custom ring tones I have set for individual callers? My regular calls are loud but my personalized ones come through at a much softer volume. The ‘active profile’ (which is set to loud’ excludes these custom rings. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sep 24, 2008 - 08:09:56

You’re right that when you set a custom ring tone you can’t specify the volume. I was not aware, or had not discovered, that the Active Profile volume level was ignored for custom ringtones. To me, that is a software bug that should be fixed. The only way I think to work around it is to use Exceptions rather than Custom Ringtones. See my Part 3 article here: The downside is that all contacts added to a single Exception group would have the same ringtone–although you could at least make it a LOUD ringtone. I suppose you could create an exception per contact to get the same effect you WISH you had. Does this make sense to you?

Sep 24, 2008 - 08:09:24

Using a different phone, leave a voicemail to yourself. Wait at least many minutes to give your Pearl a chance to be notified of the voicemail. After a long wait, if no icon shows up, dial voicemail anyway and see if your message is indeed there. If so, you definitely have a missing icon.

To try to fix the missing icon, first do the “standard” fix which is to pull the battery: remove the battery, wait a bit, replace it, and wait for the phone to recover. Repeat the voicemail test.

Still no icon? Change themes. At least go back to the original theme or a standard BlackBerry theme. Repeat the voicemail test. Still no icon? I can’t explain it.

Please let me know your outcome.

kristie says:
Sep 27, 2008 - 12:09:21

i just got my pearl 8130 almost a week ago and i love it, but i was wondering if there is any way to change the trackball color on this phone with certain applications(preferably free). i’ve heard it can/can’t be done. and i don’t know who to believe.
and i was also wondering what each notification profile actually means, as well as wondering how i can delete applications.

Sep 27, 2008 - 09:09:12

The 8130 has only a white LED behind the trackball, so you can’t make it change colors. An earlier Pearl model had multicolored LEDs, so could change colors of the trackball. So, for your 8130–it cannot be done. Sorry.

Notification profile is basically how you want your phone to ring, vibrate, or flash LED–how you want to be notified that you have an incoming call, a received text message, a calendar appointment due, etc. The article above (Part 2) is one of a 3-part series. If you read all 3 parts, you’ll be a true “expert” on notification profiles. But at least read part 1.

Danielle says:
Nov 12, 2008 - 02:11:01

how can someone blue tooth ringtones to my phone???

Nov 12, 2008 - 10:11:15

I have not tried this yet, but I think the basic procedure is to enable Bluetooth on both the sending phone and the receiving phone. The phones have to be made to pair with each other: one must be set to be “discoverable” and the other must be made to search for the other. Once paired, one phone is used to “send using Bluetooth” and the other is set to “receive using Bluetooth.” If both phones are BlackBerrys, this should be fairly straightforward. Please give it a try with one of your friends and let me know if you have difficulties.

Dave says:
Dec 24, 2008 - 11:12:41

I am having troubles re: sending audio files from one phone to another. I’ve been able to pair with a couple different phones, but when someone tries to send me an audio file via bluetooth it tells them the files cannot be sent. Doesn’t matter what kind of phone it is either.

Dec 25, 2008 - 06:12:55

I’ve had trouble doing this, too, at times (I don’t do a lot of this, so I don’t have a good feel for how often it would happen).

Although you’ve probably already covered these bases:
* Make sure both phones “believe” they have successfully paired with each other.
* Make sure one phone has been commanded to “receive” and the other to “send.” And try to command them both at about the same time to prevent one from “timing out” and giving up on the other.
* Make sure the receiving phone has been set to save the file to a valid location (it exists, it is permitted to write a file there, there is enough available space to save it, any encryption options are set compatibly on both devices–preferably NO encryption).

Please let me know if you make any progress.

Meg says:
Jan 6, 2009 - 11:01:17

i have a blackberry 8310.
i want my notification light to blink blue when i have a text, missed call-ect.
is that possible and if so, what app do i need to download, preferably ota.

thank you so much for all of your helpful advice!

Jan 6, 2009 - 11:01:25

I don’t think that can be done. The LED flashing blue is used to signify Bluetooth is active. Red is used for messages. I don’t think that can be changed. Sorry.

Meg says:
Jan 6, 2009 - 11:01:58

well thank you for clearing that up!

Angie says:
Jan 7, 2009 - 06:01:27

I am trying to figure out how, and why my home screen highlight color (under the icons) changed from blue to yellow. I didn’t change any themes, or anything like that. And, does anyone know how to get the blue back?

Angie says:
Jan 7, 2009 - 06:01:41

Sorry, forgot to mention that I have a Blackberry pearl 8130!!

Jan 7, 2009 - 09:01:57

Are you referring to the wallpaper, or Home Screen image, on your Pearl? If so, here are some possibilities: You were browsing some pictures on your Pearl and accidentally selected one to be the Home Screen image. Or, you may have accidentally deleted the image set as the Home Screen image and the Pearl defaulted to a different one. If that’s not it, try setting your Home Screen image to some photo you like and see if it “sticks” or changes later.

Angie says:
Jan 8, 2009 - 12:01:34

Hi Kelly,
Before on my homescreen the date, time, and the scroll bar ( the highlighted color under the icons) were all blue. Now the scroll bar is yellow, and the date and time is black. I have set a picture as my home screen image, but the date and time, remain black, and the scroll bar ( highlight color underneath the icon) kind of looks like a tab- is still yellow. I honestly can’t figure out why this changed. I called Blackberry support, and they said they have others calling in about it too, but can’t figure out what to do. I have pulled the battery, but to no avail.. Thanks for your reply!!

Jan 8, 2009 - 07:01:09

I haven’t heard anything like this. Trying the battery pull was a good idea. The only thing like this that has happened to me is that a theme quit working and I eventually had to abandon it. I even deleted the theme and downloaded it again. Even the new download didn’t work right. So, I just moved on to another theme. I don’t know the origin of your theme, but you might try something like I did. Delete it and install a fresh copy. I don’t know if you’ll ever discover what happened. To paraphrase a bumper sticker, “stuff happens.”

Angie says:
Jan 8, 2009 - 08:01:28

Thanks for all of your suggestions! It’s on the BB Zen one also. Oh well, I will keep trying to figure this out, but like you say, “stuff happens!!”

Dave says:
Jan 15, 2009 - 11:01:49

I have gone from the Blackberry Pearl to the Curve. On my pearl the home screen showed my upcoming events on my desktop by the calendar. On the curve it doesn’t. Is there a setting to change to show my upcoming events?


Jan 16, 2009 - 07:01:44

That’s about your theme. Any theme with a “Today” style will show your upcoming Calendar events, etc.

Dave says:
Jan 25, 2009 - 11:01:26

Thanks a bunch, got it back.

Dave says:
Jan 25, 2009 - 11:01:38

Also I am having an issue with the sound and GPS software programs on my curve. I’ve tried 2 different programs and when the voice navigation for the GPS software cuts off before it finished the sentence. Example: “in 500 feet turn ?” That’s all that comes out, as it never finished the sentence. I’ve read some forums with other people having this problem on the curve 8130 Model, but so far no one has a remedy. Are you aware of any way to repair this issue?

Jan 26, 2009 - 07:01:48

I would try to contact the maker of the GPS software and see if they don’t have a fix for it. I don’t know what you could do at your end unless it’s an issue with your version of the BlackBerry OS. You could try changing something, anything about your audio settings (I don’t have any bright ideas) to see if that makes any difference. Sorry–that’s the best I can do.

Dave says:
Jan 31, 2009 - 03:01:18

Thanks a bunch!! It seems to be a problem everyone is having with the 8330 Curve. No has found a solution yet. If you hear of one could you let me know?


Rachel says:
Feb 27, 2009 - 03:02:27

I cannot get my 8310 to vibrate anymore. It’s been several weeks. I called AT&T, they have sent me two reconditioned phones and neither even works. Everyone seems surprised that it won’t vibrate. I even called BB and they wanted to charge me for tech support. I’ve done a battery pull and looked at my profiles and everything seems in order. Help!

Feb 28, 2009 - 09:02:53

The odds of 3 phones in a row not vibrating are not good. It almost has to be something else. First, let’s eliminate the most likely problem: that the Notification Profile is setup wrong. The easiest check would be to make Vibrate the active profile. But even that profile can be edited to NOT vibrate (seems odd, doesn’t it). So, why not use an active profile of either Loud or Normal and let’s check the settings. Open Profiles. Scroll down to Advanced and click it. Highlight the profile set to be Active. Press the Menu key. Select Edit. Scroll to Phone and click. Check settings for both Out of Holster and In Holster. You need to select either Vibrate or Vibrate+Tone. Next, set the Number of Vibrations to 2 or 3. Maybe 1 vibration isn’t enough to get your attention? If either of the Volume settings is Mute, you probably want to change that to something else.

Now, that check only covers what happens when someone calls you (voice). There is a whole ‘nother collection of settings for email, for text (SMS) messages, for picture (MMS) messages, calendar, etc. You can choose how you want vibrations and sounds for each and every one of those. There are about a zillion combinations–potentially very complex. Overly complex, if you ask me.

Please let me know what you find. I’m hoping it’s just a misconfigured profile setting. It’s very easy to get it wrong. It has happened to me (the so-called “expert”).

Feb 28, 2009 - 09:02:06

What you can view in an email message, and as attachments to email, depends on a few things: (1) the version of operating system installed on your phone (see if you have OS 4.5), (2) what 3rd-party applications you have installed on your phone (for example, to view Microsoft Office documents, you need a special app), (3) whether your service books are correct, (4) and it can even depend on the version of BlackBerry Internet Service or BlackBerry Enterprise Server your carrier or corporation uses (if a corporate phone). I have an older article on email attachments (please use the Search on the site to find it) that might be informative to you.

There may be a problem with a thing called an attachment service book. You can have a new set of service books sent to you phone from your BlackBerry Internet Server (BIS). You can do it from your computer by logging in and requesting it. Or you can go through your phone’s email setup wizard to log in and request service books be sent. If you know how to do either of those, please try and let me know if it worked or not.

I might be able to help more if you tell me: What version OS do you have (do Options > About)? Who is your carrier (e.g., Verizon)? What kinds of file type attachments are you wanting to view (i.e., the file extensions like .jpg, .doc, .pdf,)? (I know you already mentioned JPEG.) Are you also trying to view so-called HTML email (e.g., emails with pictures within them, not as attachments but embedded in the message)? Also, how are you trying to open an attachment (e.g., what are you selecting and what keys are you clicking to try to open)?

Rasah says:
Mar 3, 2009 - 02:03:46

I m a new BB user (only 15 days). Started with 8900 and i luv it. I have some basic questions, which i m sure Kelly Carter can answer me.

1) Does BB 8900 (without any external app) repeats flashing red LED for missed calls until i see them?
2) I know LED repeats flashing red for text message & email. But how long it keeps flashing? until i see them or for few hours.
3) When i opt for Vibrate+Tone as notifications for calls, it vibrates followed by ringtone. Is there a way to have vibration & hear ringtone simultaneously (like most Nokia phones)

Thanks in advance.

Mar 3, 2009 - 01:03:47

I’m glad you’re a new BB owner! The 8900 is very cool.

The LED will flash red UNTIL you check your messages. If I remember correctly, if you simply open the Messages icon, it will stop flashing, even if you don’t actually read all the messages.

To the frustration of many, you cannot get the vibration and tone to happen simultaneously UNLESS you purchase and install a 3rd-party application that does that.


Rasah says:
Mar 4, 2009 - 01:03:41

Thanks Kelly.

But what about the missed call notification. Does LED keeps flashing red until I open the phone application (press green button)? Actually my BB doesn’t, even if i log missed calls. I like to know if there is problem with my BB 8900. I know it doesn’t happen in 8310 (my friend has one).

Mar 4, 2009 - 07:03:59

I tested to be sure: the LED stops flashing after the call has stopped ringing. It does NOT continue to flash.

Rasah says:
Mar 5, 2009 - 04:03:56

Thanks Kelly.

My previous mobile Nokia 6300 was doing a good job on this. I don’t have to check once in while for missed calls. I hope BB includes the feature in their next update.

Sheetal sidhu says:
Mar 6, 2009 - 03:03:41


I am sheetal from india , i wanted to know that i unable to use the Blackberry messenger only two or three pin numbers and right now i am using perfectly this fecility in all over world exception three pin numbers ,can u tell me what resion for it……

Mar 6, 2009 - 07:03:24

Do I understand correctly that there are 3 PINs that do not work for you, but all the other PINs you use do work? I’m sure you have checked to that the PIN numbers are correct: PINs are 8 characters long, and characters must must be from the set of 0-9 and A-F. The most likely problem is that the BlackBerry owners whose PINs are not working are not paying for a BlackBerry data plan. Their BBs might work perfectly for voice and text/SMS, but without a BlackBerry data plan, PIN instant messaging will not work. Ask those BlackBerry owners if PIN messaging works for them with persons other than yourself. Please let me know what you discover.

Rachel says:
Mar 15, 2009 - 06:03:05

Thanks for the help, Kelly. I looked at all my settings and they are set just how you recommended. Funny thing is, today I dropped my phone and now it vibrates again. Hmmm….odd, huh?

Mar 16, 2009 - 10:03:58

Thanks for following up with this info. Perhaps the vibrator device was mechanically jammed, and dropping it unjammed it?

Leo says:
Mar 29, 2009 - 11:03:14

I “renamed” a contact in BB Messenger and now want to delete the name I gave that contact so that there name appears as they want it from their end. How do I delete that “renamed” name without deleting the whole contact?

Mar 29, 2009 - 11:03:41

I’m not sure I fully understand the problem. A Messenger contact has a “nickname” that is determined by the owner of the PIN associated with that contact, and a “display name” which is determined by you when you rename that contact. You also have a display name of your own that you can edit. Which thing is causing a problem?

Leo says:
Mar 29, 2009 - 12:03:01

It would be the “display name” that I created when I renamed that contact. I want to get rid of the display name and have their contact name show as they’ve created it on their end.

naseri says:
Mar 31, 2009 - 04:03:41

I have a BB 8900 and the blinking green coverage LED is bothersome to me, I’ve tried turning off the LED in the screen/keyboard but when I do this I lose the inicator to show weather I missed a text message. Is this something I must live with or can I have it so it only blinks when I receive a text message or call?

Apr 1, 2009 - 11:04:43

If you set LED Coverage Indicator to Off, it should only stop the flashing green (signal coverage), but not the flashing red (message) or flashing blue (Bluetooth). Are you certain that you have lost the other flashing colors? If so, which BlackBerry model and which OS version are you using?

Dave says:
Apr 11, 2009 - 11:04:44

Just wondering if you’ve ever used the search capabilities on your blackberry? I entered events into my calendar and started them all with gig for the event because I use this for my band bookings. When I run a search and type in gig it displays that I have 44 events with that text. but I can only view 5 of them. Any idea why I can’t vie the rest of them?

Apr 19, 2009 - 06:04:06

Sorry about the very late reply. I don’t know the answer to your problem. If I can make time to experiment, I will.

Celi says:
Apr 29, 2009 - 11:04:45

Hi: My brother sent me a mms and it had a bouncing smily face, with a recorded voice laughing. My first question is, why is the smily face bigger and stretched out on my phone and not on others? Second question, why when I play it, it’s a short play when I know it was suppose to be longer. My husband received the same mms and he had a longer play and also I was able to see the bouncing face clearer and a normal size.

Celi says:
Apr 29, 2009 - 11:04:55

ooops I forgot to mention that my phone is a bb curve 8320

Apr 29, 2009 - 05:04:33

I would have to see the MMS to know the format of the graphic, animation, audio, or whatever is used to make the smiley face and laughter. I can believe that different kinds of phones will render the smiley face differently–that’s not unusual. Also, different wireless carriers support MMS differently, so something might be “getting lost in translation” as the MMS moves across carrier boundaries (like from T-Mobile to Sprint).

Jimmy says:
Aug 4, 2009 - 01:08:38

I have a BB Bold 9000. I love the phone but my LED light doesn’t flash under any circumstance. I have gone to settings then screen/keyboard and set coverage indicator to ON. I have also gone to general options and set “display new msg indicator” to YES. Still nothing. I have taken the battery out and upon initial loading the LED lights up so I know it isn’t faulty. Any suggestions???

Aug 4, 2009 - 08:08:52

The LED is multicolor and it’s possible that there is a hardware defect where only the red is working. If you turn off your Bold and plug it into a charger, you should see green (solid if fully charged). If you turn on Bluetooth, you should see blue (flashing). If you can’t get any of those colors, I’m suspicious that you have a partial hardware defect versus a software problem. If not under warranty or insurance coverage, as a last resort you can try wiping the phone’s software and reloading (or upgrading) the OS (I have articles that describe how) to see if that helps. Lastly, you might contact BBRepairshop (see my article), now renamed to PDARepairWorld, and request an estimate to repair (if LED is defective). Please let me know how this works out.

Marnie B says:
Aug 27, 2009 - 10:08:22

Hello, I am new to the BB curve 8310 and am missing calls because the vibration is not strong enough while in the holster. Is there anyway to up the vibration intensitiy on the phone?



Aug 29, 2009 - 03:08:14

There is no way to make the vibration stronger. Sorry.

deb says:
Sep 15, 2009 - 06:09:41

hello! i have an 8310, and it has just recently started this thing where, while texting, the space bar will not work, OR it will place a period and then continue on spacing like crazy. HELP!

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