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BoldOnBlack bold   /bohld/

  • not fearful in the face of actual or possible danger.
  • necessitating courage and daring; challenging.
  • beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; imaginative.
  • striking or conspicuous to the eye; flashy; showy.

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In the face of competition from Apple’s iPhone™, Research in Motion (RIM) made a daring response to that challenge. Fighting fire with fire, RIM made a leap of imagination in engineering and product design to create the Bold™.

After months of tantalizing leaks and swirling rumors, RIM announced the Bold on May 12, 2008. But how can we get one? AT&T claims exclusivity in offering the Bold when it is first released, although rumors say other carriers will be given the same rights months after AT&T. Many believe the release date for Bold is slipping to not share the limelight with the iPhone 3G. Meanwhile, Apple’s first day for the iPhone 3G started out with an oops!

As promised, newBBie is committed to snag a Bold as early as possible and begin coverage of it for all of you early-adopters or drooling prospective owners.

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ifemme says:
Aug 20, 2008 - 07:08:58

I hope I’m not too late to enter your contest… would love a bold or even a new curve. I’m going make some regular visits over here didn’t find out about this spot til now via BerryReview.

Thanks for the info.

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