BlackBerry Bold Release Has Begun

After a painfully long wait, the Bold is slowly being released around the globe. Recently, I’ve read of releases in Canada, Singapore*, and Australia. RIM press releases indicate planned or actual releases in numerous countries, but it’s hard to know what’s accurate. Late release rumors have abounded, but have been denied by RIM spokespersons. But when can I get one?!

Here are three news stories that I think are trustworthy and interesting:


Aug. 22, 2008: Is BlackBerry Bold really having iPhone 3G-like issues?

June 26, 2008: RIM denies delays for its 3G BlackBerry Bold phone

May 12, 2008: RIM’s new BlackBerry Bold to rival iPhone on world wireless networks


* If you don’t believe me, read these headlines yourself: Singtel在新加坡发布黑莓Bold. 2008年8月是怎么回事?Singtel连续2次大手笔,先是3G iPhone现在又是黑莓Bold 9000. See–I told you! ;-)

So, after tinkering with an online translator, I’ve learned the Chinese characters for BlackBerry (literally, black raspberry) are:


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Bull says:
Aug 31, 2008 - 06:08:48

“May 12, 2008: RIM’s new BlackBerry Bold to rival iPhone on world wireless networks”
… Unless your on Verizon Wireless, which is restricted to certain countries, unlike GSM capable phones.

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