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knol-logo This is just a quick note that information on the BlackBerry is starting to show up on the new Google knowledgebase, Knol.

If you haven’t heard of, or visited, Knol yet, it has been described as a Google alternative to Wikipedia. Instead of having only one article on a particular subject, authors compete to write for the same or similar topics. Authors with better ratings are provided an incentive to continue producing high-quality content: they can get paid by Google through AdSense.

Since I really love writing, I’ve tried my hand at writing a knol. Do a search for BlackBerry on Knol and check out my BlackBerry Basics knol. I would appreciate if you would look it over and give me (Kelly Carter) an honest rating (swipe across the stars and click to set your rating).

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jchapman says:
Oct 26, 2008 - 08:10:14

i liked your knol. it’s a good intro for people who don’t know much about a blackberry. i wish you would write more for people who already have a blackberry.

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