Excellent BlackBerry Storm Tutorial

For a quick tutorial of the BlackBerry Storm, see its BlackBerry 101 animated demonstrator.

Here’s what it covers:

  • Device Setup
    • Welcome
    • SIM Card and Battery
    • Charge Battery
    • Setup Wizard
    • Media Card
  • The Basics
    • Device Tour
    • Navigation
    • Open a Menu
    • Applications
    • Typing 
  • Using Your Device
    • Making Calls
    • Send an Email
    • Web Browsing
    • Schedule an Appointment
    • Play a Media File
  • Advanced Services
    • About Switching Devices
    • Desktop Software
    • Media Manager
    • Synchronize Data

Postscript, 2009-03-02: Since this article was written, several Storm tutorials and articles have been posted here on newBBie.com. Please check them out from the home page or search results page.

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