Don’t Text and Drive…Please!

This video dramatization is a chilling reminder how serious a mistake we make when we allow our mobile phones to distract us while we’re driving. Please leave a comment pledging that you will never again text and drive.

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OddyOh says:
Aug 29, 2009 - 01:08:56

Outstanding. I believe videos like this are the only way to reach people on issues like these. People will complain about the violence, gross, etc, but come on. It’s brilliant.

And that goes for all distractions…phones, iPods, radios, GPS, etc. Set it and forget it. At some point we need to recognize that we are operating heavy machinery in public at high speeds.

Thanks for sharing this, I will be sending it to many people!

Justin says:
Aug 29, 2009 - 03:08:15

Wow this video is real. One thing in America though I remember they did a study about teenagers. And the study was to see what effect teens more about speeding. They showed groups of teens videos of car crashes at high speeds. Then they also showed videos of kids getting pulled over and getting tickets. Well the teens that got shown the video about the speeding tickets had more of a impact then the car crashes. I guess it’s because when you’re young it’s hard to realize how important life is.

Funny you posted this cause I’ve been doing some reading on this recently. They said it’s 60% more likely that you will die in car collisionsif you are txting. That is a huge number and it’s scary. Not only for your self but other people on the road. Like the video showed collisions don’t just effect you.

Aug 30, 2009 - 09:08:40

Glad to hear from you again–it’s been a while. Thanks for the feedback on the article. When I saw the video, it struck me so hard I had to post it right then and there. Please do share it!

Aug 30, 2009 - 09:08:50

Good information that you add. Thanks!

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